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Functions of Management Management is the act of “working with people and resources to accomplish desired organizational goals” and objectives (Thomas S. Bateman and Scott A. Snell, 2009). Successful managers must be effective and efficient. To be effective will allow achievement of organizational goals. To be efficient will allow achievement of these goals with minimal waste of resources by making the best possible use of money, time, materials, and people (Thomas S. Bateman and Scott A. Snell, 2009). Managers will fail if they do not focus on both or focus on one at the expense of another. The four basic functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Even though the functions of management are discussed separately, all four are important because each function blend into the other and each effect the performance of others. Four Functions of Management Planning Planning is the core function, which is the foundation upon which the other three functions should be built. The planning procedure will different a successful and unsuccessful manager. Planning requires management to evaluate where an organization is currently and where they want to be. From there they determine what actions must be taken to achieve those goals. Then they organize their resources, lead their people, and control their performance and implement any necessary changes. Preparing taxes is an excellent example in how planning is the core function. Regular tax season is from January 2nd to April 15th. Within these few months they have to accomplish such things as goals as prepare taxes, schedule appointments, and market. It is impossible for these goals to be achieved within such a short time span unless it was planned prior to the tax season starting. References Thomas S. Bateman and Scott A. Snell, (2009). Management: Leading and

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