Functionalist Side of View on the Movie a Dangerous Method Essay

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“These women: the way they try to seduce us, the way they use every conceivable psychic wile. It's one of nature's most dramatic spectacles,” said Freud. Isn’t true that Sabina Spielrein manipulates Carl Jung and is mean to him? Isn’t it true that Emma is a hero for staying together with Carl Jung? Isn’t true that Sigmund Freud is responsible for the breakdown of his relationship with Carl Jung because of Freud’s dictatorial ways and lack of flexibility? In this paper it will be shown that the functionalists are correct. Functionalists argue that Carl Jung is a victim of Sigmund Freud, Otto Gross, and Sabina Spielrein. Marxists and feminists argue that Carl Jung is an aggressor and manipulator in his relationships with people. As a person in a position of power, he is responsible for his actions. Although there is some value to the Marxist and feminist interpretation, it contains several weaknesses. The following review of some aspects of the plot will reveal some of those weaknesses. According to Goode (Hale 2013, 384-386), the four major functions of how the family should perform in society are the socialization of children, reproduction, economic cooperation to support the adults and their offspring, and finally regulation of sexual relations. Goode also said that the constancy of the human sex drive creates long-term relationships, which builds stability between men and women in order to socialize the children over an extended period of time. This relates to the play because if we look first of all at the economic side of both Jung’s and Freud’s families, we observe that Jung is on the highest point of the pyramid of profits and wages. He is considered a capitalist, first of all, because he has a pretty big house and if we count only the family members that live there, we can see that there are not many, only Jung, Emma and the kids and also

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