Functionalism Essay

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Outline the functionalist perspective of education (12 marks) 17th October Durkheim the found of functionalism, a structuralist, macro approach, states that education is what prepares people for wider society after education as education is seen as a miniature society. It provides social solidarity for pupils in education and without this social solidarity, social life would be impossible. Durkheim said that the major function of education is to transmit society’s norms and values through the hidden curriculum. A criticism of this view is that an opposite view that says that it is unlikely that most pupils will learn these norms and values through the hidden curriculum which is what functionalists believe. Davis and Moore said that inequality is important in education. They thought this because it sorted out people’s abilities and prepared them for the future, for example, the more academic pupils doing the higher paid jobs. This is good because it makes people competitive as society offers rewards for the higher paid jobs. They focus on relationship between education and social inequality. They believe that inequality is important in education so that the more talented people are pushed to compete for the best jobs like surgeons. Within this belief it says that the most talented and able gain the best qualifications which will give them the most important and higher rewarded positions. A criticism of this view is that again Marxists would say that just because people are able they will not be pushed enough or sorted into these higher rewarded places because of their social class. This is because they believe that only the middle class end up in the high paid and rewarded jobs, even if working class are able and talented, they will not end up in highly rewarded places. Parsons said that education acts has a bridge between family and society. Also that

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