Functional Skills English Level 2

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UCHENNA HAREWOOD LEVEL 2 GROUP A UNIT 10 TASK 3 P3 INTERAGENCY PARTNERSHIP. INTRODUCTION. In this task I will be discussing what an interagency partnership. The benefits of working together An interagency partnership is two or more agencies/ professionals that are dealing with an individual or family working together as a team for a common aim to find a possible solution to a problem. BENEFITS OF INTERAGENCY PARTNERSHIP Full range of support for the individual concerned. Create a better understanding and awareness of what services provide. May increase the speed of the result. Work together to identify and achieve individual needs Shared ideas on how to improve services Working with people with different experiences Providing a more complete package of care for the individual. Having a joined up service that draws on the strength of other agencies. CASE STUDY Joseph is a 78 year old man who previously worked for the metropolitan police. Joseph used to be extremely active and enjoyed jogging when he was younger. Joseph has recently been told that he has dementia and he is suffering from memory loss. He finds it difficult to remember things and even taking part in day to day household activities is difficult for him. Identify one statutory and one voluntary organisation that can provide assistance. Statutory service: GP The GP would be the first point of call to be able to talk to Joseph regarding how he is feeling, and then try to identify the symptoms, once the GP has a rough idea of what he thinks Joseph’s medical problem is, and if it is something he cannot help him with, he will then have to refer him to the hospital to see a neurologist that specializes in diseases of the brain. Voluntary service: AGE UK AGE UK it is a charity organisation that would allow Joseph to enjoy good health free from the diseases and disabilities associated with

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