Functional Crime Essay

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September 9, 2008 CJ-250 Essay #1 Functional Crime Emile Durkheim theorized that crime is a normal act in society. I agree that crime is necessary to maintain a stable community and society. Although I do not agree with crime being wise, I do see it as a “what not to do” example for our youth today. There are many negative effects of crime, but there are positive effects too that can influence a community for the better. Is it really fair to say that without crime, our world would be a better place? Without crime, we would be a total mass of chaos. No matter where you are in the world, crime is all around us. Crime is not something you can get rid of. It would be nearly impossible and not very wise to do so. Emile theorized that crime set moral boundaries in any and all societies. It is a common knowledge for most humans to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. The laws set up by different governing systems in each society enforce what is right and what is wrong by having consequences and fulfilling those with punishments for rules that are broken. When crimes are committed, the consequences of those actions are enforced by the law and show the public what can happen to criminals. This instates a mind set in people that the laws must be followed in order to avoid the punishment of the law. With this instilled in the brain at all times, it in turn makes a safer community. People will be smarter with the actions and decisions that they make. With the constant thought of what could happen if they do something wrong, the crime rates will go down. This could not be possible without crime ever happening in the first place. Emile Durkheim also stated that with crime, it could eventually over time assist in needed social changes. This could be accomplished with the laws set in and forced. It could overtime mold the type of society and community
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