Functional Areas of Business Essay

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Functional Areas of Business Chris French MGT/521 October 21, 2013 Kirk Davis Functional Areas of Business Managers play a key role within a business. In a business, there are areas that have their own functions in order to accomplish their individual goals to meet the overall mission of the business. The main functions of a business according to Eveleth, Liesz, O’Malley, and Rounds (2011) are, management, marketing, information systems, finance, and operations management are often overseen by a manager. The following paper will analyzes the role of a manager within theses functional areas of business. A manager’s role in management and management operations is to oversee the day to day operations of their respective business. These duties can vary dependent upon the business and position of the manager. Overall the management aspect requires managers to be involved with planning, organizing, implanting, evaluating, and any other task that their superiors require. The manager’s role is very important in this function because this is where the backbone of a business begins (Kelchner & Media, n.d.). Marketing allows a business to show their product to the public and prospective customers. Managers are involved in marketing in a number of ways. One, they are constantly tracking competitors products and services so they can identify of their product will be competitive in performance and pricing. Managers are also regularly evaluating their product and services to ascertain if there needs to be a change to improve what they are offering to increase profitability. It is also common for managers in marketing to study and indentify their target audience to better their chances of success in sales and marketing (Suttle, R., 2013). Finance managers are another important aspect in a business. Their responsibilities include a wide

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