Functional Areas of Business Essay

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Functional Areas of Business A manager is a person or persons’ whom helps and guides others to accomplish a goal. Normally, managers fall under an organization or business. A manager helps others by motivating and guiding them. The reason they are put in that position is to make sure others, either individually or as a team, work to get certain job or goal accomplished. The functional areas of business are the different aspects of business that make up a company. With that said, since managers fall under an organization or business, it is imperative that they work together with the different functional areas of business. Managers must be keen on knowing every aspect of business law and how it pertains to their company and/or organization. This is important because a manager needs to understand what rights the company has, what kind of relations the company is allowed, and what kind of conduct is appropriate for the business and it’s employees. By violating any type of law a business could easily lose revenue and in major cases shut down forever. As managers make sure the company and its employees are abiding by these laws. As long as they are doing this, the company has a chance to succeed. Under the functional area of human resources are the human resources managers. These managers are responsible of the well being of the employees of the company. The roles of these managers are to find and bring in employees that have or show potential to thrive within the company. They also have to oversee the well-being of employees while employed with the company and make sure the employees are in compliance with company polices and laws. Leadership is another important factor for managers. Managers, to effectively manage and guide employees, use leadership. With leadership a manager can delegate a leader or leaders within the work group. This will help with any power

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