Functional Areas of Business Essay

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Functional Areas of Business Brenda Edwards MGT/521 July 21, 2014 Ed Naser Functional Areas of Business The quest of a Master’s of Business Administration focuses on the growth in business administration. Company leaders heave to become familiar with the functional areas of business and formulate ways to communicate this information to managers for operative leadership. Companies articulate their administrative assemblies on numerous functional areas. This paper focuses on the role of a manager within the functional areas of business, and briefly discusses all the functional areas and how they impact the manager’s role. Any organizations whether it is small or large have key functions that need to be performed daily in the work force. No two companies are designed the same and over time every company designs its own organizational structure that best helps them to grow and succeed. Businesses need to be well systematized to achieve their aims and objectives. All business will carry out each function, but not every business will have a specific department that is responsible for each function. Certain responsibilities or utilities must be delivered and these are usually assembled into specific activities. It all rest on on the size of the business; usually in a large organization you can better see each distinct functional area because they are divided into departments. Therefore the role of manager within the functional areas of business could either make or break the company. Functional Areas in Business Organizations Even in the tiniest business a number of key tasks or functions must be carried out on a day to day basis. Stock must be bought, bills must be paid, customers must be served, and questions that customers may have, has to be answered (BTEC First Business, 2010). Each department conveys out the task that transmits to its specific area. The main

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