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Function of Art Name Affiliation Function of Art Pre-K to 12th grade education is fundamental for the development of a child’s personality and the effects of education during these years are obvious on children. Universally, education is considered as the most effective and probably the only medium to make children successful in the life ahead. In the education of a child, the effectiveness and role of curriculum is evident because it provides the instructors footsteps to follow so that intended education can be imparted to children. Moreover, in this age brain of a child is blank and he or she is ready to accept inputs from the environment. Therefore, curriculum should be effective enough to fulfill the requirements of a child so that he or she can be a perfect part of the society. Formal education does fulfill this requirement but to make the child a Whole Child, the importance of art, music, dance, sporting activity, and literature is self-explanatory because these mediums help learners engaged in the environment thus helping them in their achievement and development in positive and effective manner. Analysis: Art, music, dance, sporting activity, and literature should be made the fundamental part of pre-K to 12th grade curriculum because it helps the intellectual, emotional, physical, and social aspects of a child by cultivating the supportive, challenging, and safe environment. The formal curriculum creates skills among children which are helpful for their career and the skills consider the aspects of workplace and other stakeholders related to career as well. However, Art, music, dance, sporting activity, and literature help the student to be engaged in the present moment in whole manner. Presence of child in the present moment would enable him to respond to the environment effectively which is important for his success (Bilhartz, Bruhn, & Olson,

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