Funcational English Letter

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The Manager Supermarket Mall Street Big Town BT12 7NQ Mrs Rashida Sardar 7 Small Street Big Town BT129PL 5th July 2014 Complaint about the displaying of sugary snacks Dear xxx I am writing this letter to complain about how sugary snacks are displayed besides the checkout desks. I strongly believe that displaying sugary snacks beside the checkout desk tempt young children to indulge in bad eating habits, and I feel that there are alternative products the supermarket can use this space for. As a parent of three young children, healthy eating is something I feel very passionate about. Just like other families, I always shop making a healthy conscious decision with what I buy to eat for myself and my children. I have encouraged my children to always eat their five a day and to drink plenty of water but as soon as they go grocery shopping with me and we reach the checkout desk, I find it an uphill struggle to encourage them to eat healthy! My children and like my others I have spoken have expressed similar experiences, where they have to deal with painstaking minutes that feel like hours with their children explaining why they cannot have sweets or the latest new sweet bar! Such a method to display sugary snacks near the checkout desk has encouraged young children to snack on sugary snacks and to make bad choices with regards to their eating habits. However, I strongly feel that you can utilise this space in a rather more positive way. My suggestion is that you should use this space to display nuts, seeds or something more nutritional and healthy. I have been a local customer and I expect quality service and products. I request you to address this matter with immediate attention. I look forward to you reply. Kind Regards, Mrs Rasdiha

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