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Homework- draw 7 things you can plug in and 7 things you can eat. Due Sept. 6th September 6th & September 11th Homework- Outside assignment and 10 thumbnails (outlined on the grade sheet) Read Chapter 4 in Drawing, A Contemporary Approach. Due Sept. 13th September 13th Homework - 7 Blind contour & 7 cross contour drawings (hands, feet, fruit, veggies, plants, tools, toys, etc) Due Sept. 18th September 18th & September 20th Homework - A minimum of three organizational line drawings in your sketchbook, one page each, showing a grouping of objects of your choice. Practice using a range of pencils. Also, draw 7 things that can close or have closure using organizational line. Due Sept. 25th September 25th - October 4th (2 weeks) Tonal Value and Chiaroscuro: Drapery Still life Drawing Homework: read chapter 6 in Drawing, A Contemporary Approach on texture-page 169-184 & Also, read page 130 on the use of expressive values. Complete a Value Scale Chart using stippling, parallel hatching, cross hatching and stippling. Create A drawing with 3-5 items from your purse or backpack or pockets to create a personal still life. You will probably need to enlarge these items in your drawing. This drawing should demonstrate light and shadow (using the six categories of light) with a strong light source. The density or closeness of the marks or lines and the amount of pressure exerted by the drawing tool determine the value. Do this drawing on drawing paper in felt tip pen. In your sketchbook, draw 7 things you can wear Due Oct. 9th Mid Semester portfolio review Due Oct. 9th! October 9th – October 11th Reductive Value Homework: 7 spheres, cones, and cylinders Due Oct. 16th October 16th – October 25th (2 weeks) linear perspective & Atmospheric perspective Homework: Read the chapter on creating spatial illusion - pages 209-224 and in your

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