Fun Day Essay

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A Day at the Beach On a hot, hazy day in the middle of July, my two best friends and I decided it was a good day to go to the beach. The sun was a bright yellow ball in the sky as we drove to the closest beach. The screeching of the white and smoke grey sea gulls was our sign that we were close. Pulling into an empty parking spot, we walked across the black tarmac which radiated heat from the sun. The beach was bustling with people, dressed in bright colored swimsuits. Many people were lying on fluorescent rainbow colored beach towels, trying to turn their skin from the bright white color to a golden bronze shade. As we got to where the sand started, we kicked off our plastic flip flops and walked bare foot across the burning hot sand. The water was shimmering in a bright vibrant blue under the golden rays of the sun. The seaweed that lay limp along the water’s edge was dark green and in the process of turning brown from the sun. Smooth, round seashells covered the beach and were the decorative pieces on many children’s sandcastles. After walking past numerous groups of people, we finally found an empty spot. We laid our bright multicolored fish towels down on the ivory sand. The three of us lay down on our towels and soaked up the blistering sun. The smell of the salty sea water tickled the air. After the sun heated up our skin, we decided to go for a swim. The water was an azure blue color now. It almost shimmered under the golden rays of the bright fireball, high in the sky. Standing at the water’s edge, the moist sand squished beneath our feet, leaving our foot prints etched into the sand. The icy water nipped our ankles as we strode

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