Full Day Kindergarten Essay

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Patient wait time Canada’s Long Patient Wait Time A Review of the Literature Semhar Isaac Tesfatzion Foundations of Health 1 HH/HLST 1010 Section 8 Professor Dennis Raphael October27,2010 Patient wait time Introduction Health care is a very particular issue, without exception it affects all citizens. Health care absorbs a large portion of government expenditure. Health care system through the world face long and increasing wait times for medical services. The longevity of wait time determines the health of patient. Current status of health care in Canada faces long patient wait time. This makes the sector to be in no good service provider category. Citizens as tax payers have the right to have effective and efficient care services. Canada’s health care Currently Canadians have a universal health care insurance plan. It is publicly funded and the professionals practice their profession privately. It is guided under Canada’s health act. The federal government sets standards on the quality of care. It is funded publicly and each province and territory has duty to administer it under the guidance of federal government. The current Canadian health care system is founded in the five basic principles of Canada’s health act. The principles are to provide a health care system that is universally available to permanent residents; comprehensive in the service it covers, accessible without income barriers, portable within and outside the country and publicly administered. The federal government of Canada funds the public insurance from general tax revenues. Each province and territory are responsible in planning, financing and providing hospital care to residents by removing financial barriers to care and providing a prepaid coverage service. Patient wait time Canada’s Medicare Medicare is the other name for Canada’s universal public health insurance

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