Fujairah Textile Company Essay

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Fujairah Textile Company  About Fujairah Textile Company United Textiles FZE was founded in 2005, it's the biggest textiles company in the GCC and it produces yarn. United Textiles FZE located in Fujairah Free Zone, the cotton suppliers are from Egypt, Bangladesh, India and Africa. This textile industry have about 200 workers, they work 24 hours in two shifts 12 hours by 12 hours to produce 10,000 tons of top quality yarn per annum. They produce ring yarn made from finest cotton and they are trying to ship it to US. There are 32 cameras in this manufacturing firm, because the clients can see the great work of it from their countries.  Tiffany Chocolate Factory and the differences Two years ago, we went to the Tiffany Chocolate Factory which is located in Dubai. We saw how the chocolate is made and I knew that they make all kinds of different chocolates of different brands also, I saw my favorite Hershey's chocolates being made. They import the cocoa beans which are cleaned, separated from their shells and crushed further in special mills and finely ground until a liquid cocoa mass. Then the chocolate manufacturing can then begin to make the chocolate bars by special machines. It was really worth it and we all enjoyed it immensely. There are differences between Fujairah Textile Company and the Tiffany Chocolate Factory. First, the environment in Fujairah Textile Company was very choked and the cotton stuck to our faces, Abayas and other things, while in Tiffany Chocolate Factory we entered and exited it without getting dirty. Second, before we entered Tiffany Chocolate Factory they gave us special uniform to cover our body and head also, they told us to wash our hands with anti-virus but in Fujairah Textile Company we enter without any protection. Third, in Fujairah Textile Company there were two speakers and we didn’t catch the important information

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