Fufu and Peanut butter soup

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Fufu and Peanut butter soup is a traditional delicacy of a tribe called the Ashantis in West Africa (Ghana). It is a dish eaten normally at supper times. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to prepare this nourishing meal, and I will be explaining the procedures used in preparing this tantalizing feast. I will start by telling you the ingredients and other items needed in order to prepare this sumptuous meal. You will need: two whole tomatoes, one big onion and one small size pepper (you can use any type of African pepper or jalapeño pepper), peanut paste (5 oz) and one whole chicken. (Any meat of your choice may also be used). If you are a vegetarian a head of cabbage cut into chunks may be substituted in place of the meat. These will be the ingredients you will need for the soup. For the fufu, you will buy the needed ingredient already packaged under the name “fufu flour”. Other things needed, will be two medium size saucepans (pots), two ladles (wooden and regular), and a deep dish or a soup bowl. Now that we have all the necessities down, let’s get the show on the road. We will start with the soup which is the first part of the meal preparation. To begin, you put the chicken parts into one of your pots, and then add the onion (minced), tomatoes, pepper and just a small amount of water and salt to taste. Let it simmer over low heat. The chicken should be tender to the touch in about fifteen minutes. Take out the condiments and blend and then pour it back into the pot. When you have done this, mix your peanut paste in two cups of water, and add it to your pot. Your soup should be done cooking in thirty minutes. While your soup is still on the fire, let us start with the second part of preparing our meal. Mix a half cup of “fufu flour” to two cups of water. You can use more or less water depending on your consistency

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