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Q1. A person drives 100km a day in a petrol engine car which has a fuel consumption of 7 litres per 100km uses 40kWh of electricity originating from 10% coal (30MJ/kg), 50%;, and 40% primary electricity, and uses 1kg of natural gas. Calculate:- a) The total energy consumed by the person that day in joule, MJ, toe, and kWh. b) The total primary energy supply required to provide the person with that energy. c) The fuel consumption of the different fuel types, d) The amount of carbon dioxide generated. Assume petrol to have a density of 800kg/m3 and generating efficiencies of 30% for coal and 45% for gas. Fuel properties:- Petrol (C8H18), 48 MJ/kg. Coal 30 MJ/kg (80% carbon). Gas, Methane (CH4), 54 MJ/kg Q2. A coal fired power station with a generation capacity of 600MW operates for a year with a capacity factor of 80%. Assume a heat value of the coal of 30MJ/kg, a carbon content of 85% and an ash content of 8% by weight, and a generating efficiency of 30%. a) Calculate the total amount of electricity in TWh and the most appropriate form of J (PJ, TJ, or EJ). b) Calculate the total amount of carbon dioxide and ash emitted. c) Calculate the amount an equivalent gas-fired power station would have emitted (54MJ/kg; 45% efficiency, assume pure methane) and the resulting carbon dioxide savings. Q3. A gas-fired power station with an efficiency of 45% is to generate 300MW. a) Assuming the gas to be pure methane, calculate the mass flow rate of methane required b) Assuming stochiometric combustion (i.e. all oxygen in the air is used; O2 makes up 20% of the air), calculate the air flow rate through the turbine. c) Calculate the rate of Carbon dioxide emission d) Calculate the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in a year with a capacity factor of

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