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Fuels serve as a major part of our energy requirement. They are the concentrated store of energy, which is related as heat when fuels are burnt. Fuels are combustible substances of organic origin or artificially obtained substances, which are used for producing heat and energy. Wood, diesel, coal, domestic gas, petrol and biogas are some of the examples of fuels. Fuels play an important role in our everyday life because they are used in homes, transport and industry for providing energy. For domestic use: Fuels like wood, coal, kerosene, domestic gas, cow dung etc. are used in our homes for cooking. For transport: Coal, diesel and petrol are used as fuel for road, sea and air transport in automobiles and locomotives. For example, coal is used for running steam engines; Petrol and diesel are used for running buses, cars, trucks, aeroplanes, etc. In industry: Fuels like coal and natural gas are used in industries to heat up boilers. As rocket fuel: Specially prepared fuels like hydrazine (NH2 NH2) are used in rockets to explore space. Source : Preserve Articles • The supply of petrol is decreasing and we will one day run out of it • Because of the high demand and decreasing supply, the price of petrol is increasing. • It greatly affects the environment as carbon is produced when petrol is burned. • Petrol can be much better used to create other products like plastics and chemicals • Wars and international disputes have formed from petrol Petrol has an energy density of about 34.6 MJ/L. There are many different blends of petrol and energy density can vary. The difference is about 4%. Petrol is currently highly available and cars can be filled up with petrol at service stations all over cities. However, our oil reserves are depleting and we are nearly at the point where we are consuming more petrol than we are finding. Burning 100L of petrol

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