Fuctional Matrix Essay

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Decide how your organization is structured - functional, matrix or projectized. Then decide how your team is structured. Our organization is structured functional and place the employees based on function and product. Our project team is having project manager who is supported by production manager, research and development manager, marketing manager and further responsibilities are taken by production engineer, drug development scientist, quality assurance engineer, quality control manager. Tasks in the project are controlled by team leader in the project. Create an organizational chart showing the major resources you plan to use on your project and where they fit in the organizational hierarchy. Below chart show the organizational hierarchy of NATCO pharmacy limited. I am planning to use the professional people working in the finance, marketing, financial departments of the organization in my project. Research and development department of NATCO pharmacy limited provide the various equipment, reagents, drugs used in the project. NATCO PHARMACY LIMITED Organizational hierarchy In 1-2 paragraphs (you may use bullets if you prefer), describe the organizational culture of your organization - include information about at least 5 of the primary characteristics identified in G&L. Primary characteristics of organizational culture are • NATCO pharmacy limited has 10 Modern buildings equipped with latest equipment in production, research and development manufacturing building. • NATCO pharmacy has 20 years expertise in formulating the various drugs and company is exporting drugs to various regulated markets across the globe. • People in the organization focus mainly on clear performance and speak for organization. People working in the organization feel

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