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BOOSTING YOUR CHILD’s CONFIDENCE A Step by Step Approach Table of Contents PART A: CONFIDENCE 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Introduction What is confidence Characteristics of a Confident Child Characteristics of a non-Confident Child Factors that Cause Loss of Confidence Building Confidence in Young Children Materials and Procedures PART B: BOOSTING YOUR CHILD’s CONFIDENCE 8) SUNDAY: Setting Goals and Listing Tasks 9) MONDAY: Academics 10) TUESDAY: Self development/Hobbies 11) WEDNESDAY: Health and Nutrition 12) THURSDAY: Physical Activity 13) FRIDAY: Finances 14) SATURDAY: Spirituality 15) The Daily Process of Reviewing Goals 16) Talking About the Positives and the Negatives PART C: ADDITIONAL TIPS 17) Teach Them to Love Themselves 18) Positive Affirmations 19) Interests and Hobbies 20) Power of a Positive Family Environment 21) Show and Tell Them You Love them Preface As a Public Health Practitioner, for more than 10 years, I have worked with children who struggled with self confidence caused by language barriers, socio-economic status, and lack of communication and social skills. Children like adults would prefer to have high levels of confidence. While the home environment may be supportive and affirming to the child, sometimes lack of social skills at school and the playground may cause a major setback in a child’s confidence. A school going child spends most of their day in school and it is in this environment that most damage has been done to their self confidence. It has been my desire to come up with resources that help parents to equip their children with the necessary skills to handle school and playground incidences that may impact their confidence. Unfortunately schools are not currently equipped to protect a child from having confidence bashing phase while at school. Recent news media reports from around the country have shown children, some as

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