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Fruits of the Holy Spirit Essay

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  • on March 30, 2013
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The Holy Spirit

So who is the Holy Spirit.   We know that he or she makes up the third part of the Trinity that is God.   When we think of The Holy Spirit we tend to think of somebody in the background a bit of an ethereal, mystical figure without much substance, but when we look at the characteristics of the Holy Spirit we find much more than that and we find them to be very maternal with more of a feminine twist.   And we all know which the strongest sex is – don’t we girls?

The Holy Spirit is the nurturing, benevolent side of God who provides us with the love and encouragement to keep going when things get tough;   the Holy Spirit is our conscience and is always there trying to guide us on the right path.   You can imagine her saying “just wait until your Father hears about this” when we take a wrong turn and, in the same way that our mothers used it on us, it is enough of a deterrent that it is a gentle discipline.   The Holy Spirit tends our wounds and hurts and soothes feelings of unease and terror.   We are fed and clothed with the spirit of God which is so vital for a happy, contented life.

And, as we are wont to do with our own mothers, and our children do with us, we take these precious gifts for granted and don’t really think about where they come from or the hard work that is behind them.

In the beginning God created the universe but it was the Holy Spirit who breathed life into us.   The Hebrew translation for the word spirit is Ruah which is also the Hebrew translation for the word breath.   So as the Holy Spirit breathed life into us we were filled with the Spirit of God.

But what does that mean to us?   How does being filled with God’s Ruah affect us as people?   What does it give us?

It’s quite simple really, through The Holy Spirit, we are given the tools to live a happy contented life and to live it following the two requests Jesus made of us.   To love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and to love your neighbour as...

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