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"Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." This quote from a well known football coach, I think, isn't true at all. I believe there is a lot more to playing a sport than just winning. I have never been a coach myself but I have recognized that in any sport there is plenty more than just coming in first. It is the ultimate goal, but teams have to go through many losses, hard devotion, and passion for the game to achieve this goal. Before you can be exceptional at anything your going to have to make mistakes, and with mistakes comes losses. Mistakes don't only bring losses though, they can teach you a lot, like what you need to fix and do better next time. An Abundance of sports teams have to go through their fair share of defeats before they can come out on top. Rarely does a team start out being the best of the best. They have to experience losing before they can start to win. This is why i feel as if winning is not the only component in a sport. There is a bundle of things that make a team besides just victory. There are many things that lead up to winning. You can't just throw a football team together put them out on a field and expect them to win. One of the things that is extremely necessary for winning is devotion. The players have got to be devoted to the sport and the team. They have to want to win, go to practice, practice hard, and apply what they know out on the court or the field. If the athletes aren't devoted then there can be no victories. Devotion is another key step in the staircase to success. It proves that winning can't be the only thing to a sport. There is so much more that has to be done first, and without them you won't be winning at all. With passion comes winning, and without passion there is no winning. If players aren't passionate about their sport they won't have the desire to win. With no desire to win there is no

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