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FRQ: The Indian Removal Act of 1830 The year is 1838; more than six hundred wagons packed full with over100,000 Cherokee Indians have been hauled out west to the Oklahoma territory; the old, the sick, the children, and the mothers, freezing and dying in the cold October storms. They have left behind not only their home in Georgia and all that is dear to them in current time, but also the sacred lands of their cherished ancestors. All of this has come about by the lamentable actions of one man. Our President, Andrew Jackson, has failed to adhere to moral standards and is entirely unjustified in his passing of the Indian Removal Act of 1830. In doing so he has violated all political and humanitarian rights of these native inhabitants of America, who have thrived and existed in these mountains and prairies long before us colonists even knew of its existence. The Cherokee nation quickly established themselves as the most successful Indian tribe, accepting countless American practices and ways. Christianity quickly spread throughout the Cherokee nations as white missionaries dispersed themselves throughout the tribes seeking converts. In 1827 the Cherokee National Council adopted a written constitution outlining the manner in which it would govern itself. Led by the Cherokee Chief John Ross, the convention drew upon the United States Constitution and state constitutions in establishing their document. Written and first published in the Cherokee language, the 1827 constitution established a representative form of government and specifically stated the territorial boundaries of the Cherokee Nation which the United States had agreed to leave unbothered and off limits to the westward expansion of white colonists. The constitution elaborated the desire of the Cherokee to protect the land they owned as well as growing Cherokee nationalism and commitment toward centralized

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