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Exploration, discovery, and hardships can simply summarize expansion from Europe to the “New World.” Explorers from both Spain and England came over to the new land, and they established homes and encountered several new and difficult situations. The Spanish settled lower into South America, whilst the British opted for the East Coast of North America. Both European countries differed in cultures and beliefs, yet both desired more land. What is even more, they were both culturally and economically affected by the Indians of the Americas because of their different approaches to the Indians. The Spanish aspired to conquer the Indians and their land and they forced their religion onto the Indians. In 1518, Hernando Cortés, the leader of the Spanish at the time, led a small military expedition of about 600 men into Mexico. He had heard stories of great treasures in Mexico and he decided to go search for them. Their first attempt at assaulting the Aztec capital failed, but Cortés and his army had exposed the natives to smallpox, which was far more harmful than any other military attack. This caused the number of the natives to drop significantly and made it possible for the Spanish to accomplish their goal of conquest. Cortés was a ruthless conqueror and depicted the Spanish’s desires for money. The Spanish were much attached to the idea that gold and silver was plentiful in Mexico. The Spanish’s hunger for gold and silver, however, weakened their concentration on making agriculture and commerce profitable in their colonies. Economically, the Spanish were able to overtake natives to achieve goals of wealth, and did not seem to feel any sort of remorse when it came to the Indians. Since the Spanish was able to conquer the natives, it was made possible for the Spanish to become wealthy and prosperous. Culturally speaking, the Spanish were very religious and believed

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