Frozen Oil On Water

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Frozen Oil on Water Problem:Does the phase of oil affect the density? Hypothesis: If I freeze oil, then it will float on water. When water is frozen and put on liquid water it floats, but some of the ice is under the surface of the water. Since unfrozen oil is completely on top of the surface of water, I wonder if frozen oil will do the same. Procedure:Materials: Olive Oil Water Two Glasses Tablespoon Freezer Measuring cup Freeze one tablespoon of olive oil While the oil is freezing, take one glass and pour in 1 cup of water Take 1 tablespoon of unfrozen olive oil and, holding it right above the surface o the water, pour it in Measure (in centimeters) the length between the bottom of the oil and the bottom of the glass and record it Fill the second glass up with 1 cup of water Quickly take out frozen oil from the freezer and, before it melts, gently plop it into the glass Repeat step 4 Independent Variable:The Phase of the Oil Dependent Variable:How far the Bottom of the oil is from the bottom of the cup Factors that must be held Constant: Type of Oil Amount of Oil Amount of Water Type of Glass Control Set Up:The Control Set Up is the set up with unfrozen olive oil Operational Definition:If the oil is above the surface of the water, then it is floating Results: Observations: Control Set Up As I poured the oil it made no sound, at least no sound that I could hear As soon as the oil was poured in, the drops clumped together into one big oil patch There was around ½ cm layer of oil above the water When you looked into the glass from above, you could see no color in the oil When you looked at the oil from the side of the glass it appeared yellow The oil was 13.2 cm above the bottom of the glass There was no distinct scent of the oil Experiment The Frozen Oil Was a creamy white color When I put the frozen oil in

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