Frozen Essay

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Through these passed three months I feel as if myself as a writer have improved greatly. At first I thought the class would be interesting on order to find a more better look at myself. I know the key concepts of being a writer and the also the particular requirements. One very important area that I had discovered was how when writing there is just be a phase of deep thought. I had been able to really improve on this though these passed few months because I could tell through my actual work. It had been evolving, becoming not only more detailed but almost as if it had gotten more emotional. It is a time for to be able to actually relax and be able to think about myself and what has been occurring through my life. Creative writing to me is a class in which you have the opportunity to find yourself in which ways that you couldn't see yourself in. Creative writing had showed me how look at other things in my life from a different perspective, being able to really take time to think about things over, what and how they affect me, or even how I can changed for the better. I do not regret taking this class, I feel that it had changed me as a person for the better. I look at things much more differently. Before I would be the type to basically only consider only myself and not others. This class had taught me values and how consideration of the individuals around you are also important. I definitely recommend this class to thers that are trying to see devilment within one

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