Frost's 'Out, Out-' and Martin Baynton's Short Story 'Leap of Faith"

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Both martin Baynton’s short story, ‘Leap of Faith’ and Frost’s poem ‘Out, Out-‘, clearly demonstrate the inevitable and fast- paced change in life, as well as the many hardships which it brings with it and in doing so, reminds us of the importance of change in one’s life, how to follow through and to cherish it. Although both texts are different in forms, times, and people they both convey their ideas in an interesting way through narrative and the use of similar techniques. Frost’s poem ‘Out, Out –‘ is a dramatic monologue which captures the faint candle of life and its ability’ to go out in a split second, emphasising the suddenness of change as well as the pain and hardships we need to follow through in order to continue. Change, it is everywhere around us, an inevitability that strikes at anytime, this starkness of change is strongly and clearly presented throughout this text as the atmosphere and situations change, where tensions begins to build and where the suddenness of change comes into play. ‘Little – less – nothing! – and that ended it’ everything has changed in just a moment. We are presented with multiple ideas of change, its suddenness, unexpectedness and importance, all of which are clearly depicted and conveyed throughout this text. These important ideas of change are demonstrated through the use of various techniques consisting of short sentences, repetition, direct speech and narrative, which all contribute in grasping the reader’s attention and challenging both their perspective and opinion. ‘Leap of Faith’, Baynton’s poem, is a short story which revolves around a young girl, by the name of Faith and her father who experience various stages of abrupt yet unconscious changes which dramatically affect the way in which they view and cherish the most important things in life. The shift from a silent, unconscious yet fast paced change, giving the

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