Frost Vs Williams

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FROST VS. WILLIAMS Robert Frost and William Carlos Williams have different styles of writing poetry. In Robert Frost’s poem “ Gathering Leaves “, Frost explores the repetitiveness and mundanity of human lives. In Contrast, in William Carlos Williams poem “ Between Walls”, he discusses the exceptions that exist in such a mundane and plain world. While both poems are interesting, “Between Walls” is easier to read and more interactive with the reader which makes the poem more fun to read and analyze. Robert Frost uses rhyming scheme and imagery to help the reader feel the poem. The narrator describes his unending tedious labor saying “load and unload again and again…what have I then? “ He creates the argument that people work day in and day out doing the same humdrum labor and to what end? He then says, “ who’s to say where the harvest shall stop” Frost is implying that humans will continue to work and gather to do a whole lot of nothing. “Between Walls”, by William Carlos Williams, interacts with the reader by allowing the reader to create a back-story for the hospital. In one reader’s interpretation the “back” of the hospital represents an area that is unused, and often neglected and forgotten. The word “shine” brings to mind an image of gems and beauty; combined with the word “broken” it creates a picture of a “diamond in the rough”. The poem uses various literary devices to involve the reader. Imagery, syntax, and the structure all help the poem catch the reader’s interest and hold that interest long after the reader is finished. The image of “broken pieces of glass” lying in the remaining “ cinders” constructs an image of a desolate area with a few precious gems; the lotus, a beautiful flower that emerges from the murky and muddy waters to grace the surface of a pond could be the image he’s trying to create. Both Poems by Frost and Williams both capture the
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