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Frost and Rossetti Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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​ A symbol is an image that carries meaning beyond its natural state that poets use to embolden a poems theme or dilute the actual meaning of the poem. Robert Frost uses nature in the form of woods and a road in his poem, “The Road Not Taken”. Through careful use of imagery, Frost has created a beautiful poem that describes a moment in life that he had to take that can be related to most people’s lives. Similarly, Christina Rossetti uses imagery in the form of nature in her poem, “Uphill”, to depict life and the journey of one’s spirit through his or her journey on earth and as it passes on to the next life. Both poems use nature and a trail, or road, to symbolize the path of life. Since these two poems, when a poet refers to a road, a direction someone takes in life could be symbolized.The poem, “The Road Not Taken”, by Robert Frost is written in the early 1900s when roads are not as they are today and would seem more like trails to the modern day person. That is the kind of road Frost is thinking of when he narrates his poem. The “yellow wood” (line 1) represents life and the “Two roads diverged” (line 1) are the choices he has in front of him. The “road” (line 1) that Rossetti brings up in her poem similarly stands for a life, in this poem it does not focus just on her, and its tiresome length. The speculation of possibilities is endless when one travels down a path or road that has barely any detail of what exists at the end. Both poets use their imagery to paint an image in their reader’s head of what they speculate exists along the road and at the end. The “two roads” that Frost shows his reader through detailed scenery are opposites of each other. The first one he acknowledges is inferred through his detail of the other road as a very used and well known path for many travellers. By the way that frost tells his reader that the second path “wanted wear” (line 6) could mean that he prefers to create his own ideas and live a unique and colorful life. The...

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