Frosh on Fire: Student Organizations for All Essay

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PARENA, AERON JADE S. 2014-73164 ENG 2 A-3R POSITION PAPER MARCH 6, 2015 Frosh on Fire: Student Organizations For All Every college student needs guidance; reliable references for homeworks, procedures for certain processes like registration, filling of leave of absence and dropping of courses, and in very important requirements such as thesis, practicums and dissertations. But then, what can the freshmen say about these things? Each could sound new to them. And as they enter the university, they must be equipped with independence, which makes them stand on their own, making them real college students. This though does not mean that being independent needs not to be guided. In fact, one of the vital foundations of being independent is guidance. There are various organizations in the university that could help and guide first year students adjust and cope with the new environment and such things that they might encounter upon entry in the university. However, the problem is that they only allow non-freshman students to apply for membership, in which the UPLB Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is responsible of. It is clearly stated in their policies and guidelines that an organization must pledge against recruitment of freshmen. Well, since they are new to the university, freshman students should be allowed to join organizations as it will significantly widen their social circle, to guide them, to inform them of the university policies and to provide them a cradle from a welcoming family; whereas, restricting them from these is against their free will and presents unequal rights between these students and the upperclassmen. Flyers and posters manage to fill up every announcement boards in the campus in the first few weeks of every semester. “Orientation! 7 pm at McDonalds! Free Dinner!” Of course, these things tickle the curious minds of the new students.

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