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The personal agenda and ulterior motives of composers shape the complete or absolute truth into a mere representation of reality. The concept of absolute truth then becomes non-existent as the resemblance between the reality of a situation and its representation is morphed to coincide with the composer’s own values and ideologies. The use of editing and selection of content in ‘We Ain’t Got Dames’ and ‘Playing the Ego Card’ distorts the truth in order to emphasize stories which cater to prospects of the staff of Frontline. Verisimilitude is also enhanced by the 1994 satirical parody Frontline by Sitch. Et. Al to highlight the deliberate emphasis current affairs programs place on certain aspects of reality in order to cater to their own priorities. The use of the satirical and film techniques such as the use of a hand-held camera behind the scenes, juxtaposition, dramatic irony, and cameo are manipulated to enhance the verisimilitude of Frontline in uncovering the way in which current affairs programs manipulate and misrepresent to truth to cater to their needs. The process of editing is one of the key mechanisms employed by Frontline to manipulate the representation of the truth that accommodates their own agenda and prospects. In order to increase ratings, bring about recognition from higher powers and greater possibilities of pay rises, the staff at Frontline purposefully emphasize perceptions of a story that satisfy their target audience. The sensationalism of vision and sound adversely affecting the way that the truth is presented, is demonstrated in “We Ain’t Got Dames” in Brian’s edit of Mike’s “sweat shop” story. The juxtaposition between Mike’s version of motionless pictures with a slow tempo voice-over and Brian’s up-beat music playing as fashion models work the run way highlights the deliberate shift in focus from a “sweatshop operating right here in

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