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The movie Front Of The Class is a true story about a person named Brad Cohen who as a child was picked on by children, told to go to the principals office constantly by teachers for misbehaving, and was told to control his self constantly by his dad. Brad was always making sounds interrupting and annoying other people. His father divorced his mother because of him when he was a child. No one tried to understand him when he said he could not help making the sounds he did, except for his mother. His mom supported him in everything and went to libraries and read books all the time to try and figure out what was causing Brad to do the things he did. Eventually she found out that Brad had a condition called Tourettes Syndrome, but there was no cure. Still in school he would get in trouble, until one day there was an assembly for the whole school and his principal, Mr. Myer called him up to the stage in front of everyone. Principal Myer helped Brad to explain to all of his teachers and classmates about his condition so that they could understand what he was going through and that in fact he could not control it. Principal Myer inspired Brad to keep going and shoot for his dreams. Brad decided that nothing was going to stop him from being “the teacher he never had”. When he grew up he wanted to be a successful teacher but knew it would be hard to get a job. Even after about 24 refusals from schools he kept searching for a job. His dad offered him a job at a construction place because no one could hear his noises/tics, but Brad said, “No, I am going to be a teacher.” Soon after Brad found a school to hire him as a second grade teacher. At first parents were uncomfortable having him as there kids teacher but after a while realized he was great for them because Brad taught his kids more than just school. Around the time Brad got a job, he found a girl

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