From the Perspective of a Salesperson

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From the Perspective of a Salesperson From the Perspective of a Salesperson DeVry University From the Perspective of a Salesperson The profession of a salesperson is both unique and challenging. It must be admitted that through this profession one can learn a variety of skills and observing someone who has succeeded in this profession an individual can learn how to stand alone in times of challenges in life and survive the situation ultimately. But it is not the case the an experience with a salesperson can always be a charming one because in real life I have had two specific experiences with two different salesperson in which I had positive and negative feelings respectively about the concerned salespersons. In this discussion I am going to discuss about why one experience was a good one and why the other was not. It was while shopping for Christmas last year in a food mart that I had to interact with a salesperson who was present there to promote and sell cookies of a particular brand. The person had a good voice and a clear accent that was thoroughly understandable. The person was very much impressive yet his approach was simple. He meticulously promoted his product without undermining the quality of the products (in this case, cookies) by other companies. I was much impressed by the salesperson’s approach. He was very much humble on one hand and was thoroughly knowledgeable about the product he was trying to sell me. He had enough knowledge about cookies and the ingredients used to make the cookie. He talked to me in a balanced tone and never tried to push his product into my shopping bag. What was most remarkable to find in that person was that he never tried to impose the product on me but provided me with the scope of comparing his company’s product to the product of other companies. Moreover, I like his approach and ultimately purchased

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