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Jeanette Sara From Show and Tell: Scott McCloud- Language of Composition 1. McCloud’s first sixteen panels reveal a sense of both pathos and ethos because although there are no words in the first six panels, the audience can sense the fearfulness, and how the boy is hesitant and introverted as seen because he says nothing at all which shows the pathos. Yet, as the panel continues and we see how his eyes begin to light up when speaking of the toy, this sense of emotion is what develops the boy’s ethos. Later, we notice that the true narrator is actually an older version of the boy remembering his past experience. 2. The show and tell vignette allows the audience to feel the emotion of the boy and to actually think for themselves, while…show more content…
McCloud does a great way in defining the word comics because he not only defines it but also shows us what a comic is, and demonstrates it. Just as well he does this in a broader manner making relatable to a broader audience. 4. The metaphor, which McCloud uses, is extremely effective because he states the antithesis that words and pictures can stand alone while also showing that together, words and pictures are more powerful. 5. I believe McCloud is addressing the younger generation because children often seek, and adore comics because it allows a sense of creativity while still including literary device. It is evident that his audience is the younger generation because he is encouraging them to not go into what is known as real books, because they are without illustrations. He encourages this because he believes that together, words and images are much more powerful. 6. Punctuation often takes the place of emotion in writing, for example, commas often give a sense of hesitance because of a pause, exclamation points give a sense of excitement, and question marks give a sense of questioning. Although these literary devices are very powerful, they are often hard to interpret and therefore images are more powerful to show

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