From Here to There and Back Again Essay

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FROM HERE, TO THERE AND BACK AGAIN “Told you we should have set off sooner”, he said, nodding in the direction of the snake of cars that pinned us to the 18 feet of road we occupied – no movement in front, no movement behind – we were stuck, set fast, like a handprint in hardened concrete. The clock read 7.10am, twenty minutes to get to Newcastle. Twenty minutes before the train left without us. Twenty minutes to change the plan and finish the journey. Away to the left, the light from Heworth station lit the gloom. I turned back to Lou, “Shall we jump out here and catch the Metro?” “Yes.” “Good idea”, she added after a momentary pause. *** At the ticket machine we scrabbled for change, it didn’t like the new coins Lou kept feeding it, spitting them back; suspicious of us it was. I raked in my purse and found more coins, battered coins, war weary coins; it liked them. It whirled and clunked and finally delivered the tickets we needed to reach the platform. On the wall to our right hung a notice “Newcastle Trains”, it read. “Down here” said Lou, leading the way, with me hot on her heels. Halfway down the stairs a train roared passed. “It’s OK” Lou fired over her shoulder, “it’s going in the opposite direction.” We stood on the platform, another train passed heading in the other direction, still we waited, checking watches and counting down what was left of the precious 20 minutes we’d started off with. I looked up and noticed the flashing neon sign (why had it taken me so long to see it?) “Lou” I said, Lou, we’re on the wrong platform, this train is going to South Shields!” We headed off, back up the stairs, round by the ticket machines, down the opposing flight of stairs – just in time to see the next train leave the platform. For the second time that morning we were stuck and it was only 7.20am. *** We did arrive in Newcastle, and yes of course we’d

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