From Democracy to Dictatorship-Nazi Germany Essay

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FROM DEMOCRACY TO DICTATORSHIP 1933 Hitler became chancellor of Germany but faced big problems: · he was running a democracy when he wanted a dictatoship · running a coalition · Hindenburg had power to sack him Hitler needed a revolution without violence, needed an emergency so Hindenburg could use the emergency powers. The emergency arrived at the Reichstag Fire. The 'parliament' building was burnt down, a belgian man with matches and a membership card for the communist party was found at the scene. Hitler manipulated Hindenburg to use his emergency powers as the communists were trying to take over. Hindenburg banned the communists and socialists from next election-nazis easily got an overall majority. The first law the Nazis passed was the Enabling act-nazis could pass laws without the Reichstag. 1) Nazis put Nazis in control of all german states-no opposition. 2) Banned trade unions-power base of left wing 3)Banned all political parties- G became a one party state .dictatorship. Besides the Enabling Act * Army swore an oath to Hitler-could not oppose him. *Hindenburg dies, Hitler becomes der fuhrer-the leader. THE NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES 1934 the SA were on holiday, one evening they were arrested and shot by the SS. This was a purge- violent way of removing something. This meant that no one would ever challenge Hitler. Why? -Hitler was paranoid and jealous of Rohm because he wanted to combine army and SA with him as leader. - Hitler needed big buisnesses on his side for funding and weapons, SA were working class, became 'jealous' thought Hitler was 'selling out'. Hitler became
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