Frogs In Decline Essay

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Frogs in Decline Worldwide – Are We Next? The deaths of millions of frogs worldwide, is the greatest extinction of a species since the dinosaurs. Entire populations of frogs are vanishing from this planet. Scientists from all over the world are debating as to the why behind the mass extinction of many types of frogs. Despite desperate actions, decline in the frog population continues to get greater. When you look at all the various stressors that the frog species has to deal with, you come away with a realization that the human species is under the same types of stress. We as humans may not be far behind the unfortunate tragedy of today’s frogs. The website provided many facts and figures in respect to the declining frog population. There are over 6300 species worldwide with a third of them being threatened in one way or another. The amphibians have existed on the earth for 300 million years. For the last 20 plus years, the number of extinct species has drastically increased; with there now being over 168 species vanished. Many of the remaining species are experiencing a significant drop in population. The areas in the greatest decline are Central America, the Caribbean, and Australia. The three primary causes for the frog decline are habitat destruction, global climate change, and a new emerging disease called chytridiomycosis (chytrid). Frogs have been given very little concern as we develop new roads, build homes, cities and industries. As a result of these cultural developments, we are destroying the frog’s habitats worldwide. Global warming and climate change have been given a lot of attention and discussion worldwide and most likely has had a significant negative effect on the frog. Frogs (amphibians) have extremely sensitive skin that is permeable to air and water. Any change in temperature and moisture can have a significant

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