Frog Bayou Wma Research Paper

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Frog Bayou WMA During the 2007 hunting season, my friends and I went duck hunting all over Arkansas. While we bagged hundreds of ducks, most of them were taken around the Fort Smith region. There are numerous places to hunt waterfowl near Fort Smith that offer an excellent experience. Anyone interested in duck hunting in the Fort Smith area should try Frog Bayou Wildlife Management Area. Frog Bayou WMA is a great place to try out the sport. There are usually not too many people there so it is not hard to find a great spot to hunt. Frog Bayou also lies in one of the biggest flyways in the country, so there are usually a lot of ducks. Some of the best hunting I have found for waterfowl is at Frog Bayou WMA. Frog Bayou is located next to the Arkansas River, approximately fifteen miles east of Fort Smith. Frog Bayou was created for the public with help from Ducks Unlimited, USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. The WMA is about eight hundred acres and most of it is flooded. One of the first places that we went hunting in the 2007 season was at Frog Bayou WMA. We found a nice flooded area and threw out about twenty mallard decoys. The flooded area was frozen so we had to break the ice so the ducks could land. It was still dark and there was a thin fog hovering over the water. We…show more content…
The sun slid behind the clouds and it looked like a rainy day. The weather was perfect for duck hunting, but nothing had come in. Then in an instant we saw three gadwalls cuffing up to land. Like a natural instinct, we pulled our shotguns out and shot the gadwalls. We sat back down thinking that the ducks would hold off for a few minutes. We were wrong. A drake mallard flew in just as we sat down. The drake’s wings were set and wavering as he landed. I stood up, let him start to flare, and dropped him into the decoys. It was an exhilarating feeling and the beginning of a great
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