Frist Quarter Book Report

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Frist Quarter Book Report 1. The tittle of the book is THE HELP 2. The setting of this book is Jackson Mississippi 3. The athor is Kathryn Stockett and the copyright date in 2009 4. In this book it is written in frist persons but wsitches from chapter to chapter 5. The protagonist in this steoy is Aibileen 6. The three antagonists in this Miss Hilly because she runeds the "town" in a way what she said goses, then theres Miss Leefolt who dose anything that Miss Hilly tells her and if Mis Hillyneeds new spred Miss Leefolt will spred it, and the other antgonists is Missus Stein because she bring the dead line up and up. 7. The foil character is Miss Hilly because she so conterictery to Aibileen waer Hilly is meen and malicious and Aibileen kind and helpful 8. The…show more content…
Two external canfilcs are segeration and white superice. 15.the main interlan confict was the knowing that even though she rasied whit childerne that they all dended up treting blacks the same way. 16.the main theame of the noval exeptence of difrences. you could defintily learn but tolerenece and exeptenece. 17. "We worked all night i was sursed that im not bone tired yet" bone tired i think is a medifor 18.Marten Lother King he repersents the chage that she wonts to happen. 19."But i did butter beans last week," "learn those,everything else comes easy."....Almost three months and the fool still can boil coffie." its ironry because its been three mounths and she bacicly saing that she can boil water. 20. "I we sceded to death that Miss Hilly would figer out all of the maids it the book" the hyperbloy is sreacd to death. 21. Aibileen is rembering how she lost her boy and the dark depersing hole she was in. 22.Martin Lother King froshowed change. 23.could not find example of personifiction 24.I would defintly recomed the noval to my class maits that love reading because it a long book. its a conpling naval the grips the heart and macks you think about your self and the
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