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Frightening Thing 1984 Essay

  • Submitted by: alphawolfegurl
  • on November 2, 2008
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The most frightening thing about the world of 1984 is the violation of privacy and the destruction of trust. There is no escaping the watchful eye of Big Brother, even in the confines of one’s own home. While there may not be concealed microphones, spy-cams, or telescreens, there is your family. With your family being the extension of the thought police, there is no trust or privacy. No secret is safe. No loyalties held above that one to the Party. Children are brought up to be driven against their parents. As child spies, they eavesdrop and snoop about, looking for indications of any violation against the Party; then, the children hand their parents over to the authorities. The Party tries to get rid of every human instinct—every driving force—including parenthood. But the fact that individuals cannot trust any one but themselves is scary. It suggests the notion of needing to be alert at all times because a “long time comrade” might just turn against their fellow without any thought of remorse or regret.
Even marriage isn’t for loyalty or pleasure. Desire is a crime. Everything about an individual’s life revolves around duty to the Party. A person’s life rests in the hands of Big Brother. He knows everything and controls every action. The Party prevents people from creating any bonds with other individuals in hope to prevent the accumulation of trust in others besides Big Brother. However, what’s even scarier is the fact that some people are not even aware of the power that the Party has over them.

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