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As God designed us he blessed us with the power of free will and the ability to think and use our brain. Unlike our animal counter parts we can make decisions without an outside force effecting that decision, but what would happen if God took those wonderful powers away and we had to just go through the motions with no thought on what’s right or wrong. In Freire’s essay he addresses the two educational systems, which happen to be the “banking concept” and the “problem-posing concept”, and compares and contrast them. Freire’s reasons of writing this essay were clearly to address the problems in the educational system. The problem Freire tends to stress is why do teachers always take the ‘just sit and don’t talk’ approach in their classrooms. Who is to say that on can’t speak in a class in which they are technically paying for with their money. Today not many teachers take this job to educate students too seriously, all they do is give a lecture to several hundreds of students with who tend to lose interest within the first twenty-five minutes. Students are either taking notes, sleeping, texting, or just don’t care cause the teacher doesn’t either. He understands that there is a problem with today’s education especially with the way students are taught and definitely does not agree with it; he feels that this problem needs to be urgently changed due to the fact that students are not showing any type of interest at all. When you are in a class of 300 plus it tends to be more difficult for one to understand and comprehend what the instructor is lecturing about. today’s system is referred to as the “banking concept” and he doesn’t agree with it. In today’s education system all teachers do is lecture the whole time. The students sit there, and absorb everything the instructor says. In todays classrooms there is no discussion, no

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