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Friendships In Early Childhood Essay

  • Submitted by: kparma01
  • on December 11, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
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Friendships in Early Childhood

Friendships among Children
      The purpose of this paper is to explore social emotional development of children.   The essay is speaks on how do some children form friendships more easily than others in their social emotional domain?   The stage that falls into my topic of Early Childhood is from ages 4-6 years old.   Once children adapt to their environment their behaviour begins to change. Some children take risks, but for others need more time.   This idea supported by Zick who says “Whether we like it or not, children learn a great deal- both cognitively and emotionally- from one another.” (Rubin, 1980 p.1).   Friendships are formed by “As a rule friendship, at this age are dependent on proximity, shared activities or toys, and physical attribute” (Selman, 1981 p.316).   Children, like adults, express emotions to others in different ways.   By doing this essay, looking at how children at this stage trying to make friends, but some children are usually a little shy and hold back until the right timing, till they are comfortable to interact with other children.   The research consists of why some children are more open to a friendship and why some do not interact with others.   In the essay, the major subjects are the two main theorists that involved the children developing their friendship at different stages and how children attach to one another when place in an environment is set right.   Firstly, Mary Ainsworth researched on the “strange situation and how her attachment theory was successful.   The second theorist is Erik Erikson; he had a theory of psychosocial development.   All refer to the same eight stages psychosocial theory, being Erikson's most distinct work and remarkable model.   Erikson was firmly focused on nurture and experience.   After, how do Ainsworth and Erikson form on how children develop their friendships and they related to each other.   Following, how does the work in the future as an early childhood educator and...

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