Friendships Essay

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Friendships are an important part of growing up. For many children it’s easy to make friends but for other children it can be hard. Friendships are voluntary, mutual relationships that involves some degree of affection between peers (Cook 420). Friendships are reciprocal meaning that both have to participate in kind and feel they are equal partners. Friendships develop over time and aren’t just made after playing with the person once (Cook 420). Friends provide each other with support, companionship, and fun. Friendships help children learn about themselves and teaches children important social skills. Children who have friends from different countries and different backgrounds can see things from a different perspective as well. Friendships can also change as children grow older. when they are younger they use friends primarily for playing and amusement but as they get older children begin to value the intimacy, and shared companionship. When children are younger they form relationships with other children that are similar but then to be friends they need to be available to one another to play and for activities. Children will become good friends when they spend a lot of time playing together, sharing toys, and enjoying the games and activities (Cook 422). Children that go to school together, neighbors, relatives, or schoolmates spend a lot of time together, therefore, form more friendships. the social interactions of children increase as soon as they enter school. friendships are more likely to form when children are similar in characteristics such as age, gender, race, attitude, beliefs, and sometimes play styles (Cook 422). Social Networks are also a huge part of friendships. There are times when parents of children get together and their children play and become friends and other times it can be just the reverse. Parents can become friends because of their

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