Friendship in Monster University Essay

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Yuchen Ji (Ariel) EAP 150 Prof. Lauren Coker October 27, 2014 Friendship in Monsters University University is a magic place. If most of the people around us in high school are similar, as for the university, you can meet with a wide variety of people with different characteristic. To get in the dream school, students have to go through the intense competition. So when first attend to the university, many students feels that they are the most unique one, but they will realize that there will always be someone beyond, such as really good at some subject, or just has distinguished background. In the movie Monsters University, James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski are two students with totally different background. Mike has a huge watery eye on his face and his seductive skin seems smooth and flawless. A monster who is not scary is like a person who is not lovely. Mike grew up with the ignoring of all his schoolmates, only his teacher kindly accompanied him. Without scary outlook, he has to study very hard to get what he wants. On the contrary, Sullivan is the one with terrifying stature covered by gorgeous long hair. Coupled with fangs, his grimace could do more with less. Plus the confidence aura given by his family background, he is the young spark in monster’s world. These two kinds of people always despise each other on campus, but sometimes they also envy each other. Obviously, two characters like these seems could never become friends. However, they have the same goal: to get into the scare program. Because of this, they have to work together and spending time together lead them know each other well. Once they find the similar part inside their mind, they become bosom friends. At the beginning, Sullivan and Mike jealous each other’s position; Sully has illustrious lineage, while Mike holds the highest grade in class. They just want to beat each other, though

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