Friendship Essay

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Working children Child labour is one of the problems that many countries face , there are various causes that drive children to work some of them drop out of school in order to help their poor or sick parents others have to work because they are orphans. In addiction some parents are ignorant they think education is a waste of time . Working children face a tough life; in factories and mines they work in bad conditions no fresh air, long hours they may be injured Publié par Writing à l'adresse 01:57 0 commentaires [pic] Terrorism Terrorism is a term used to describe violence or other harmful acts.they are classified terrorism into six categories.Civil Disorders.Political Terrorism .Non-Political Terrorism.Quasi-Terrorism.Limited Political Terrorism .Official or State TerrorismTerrorist attacks are often targeted to maximize fear and publicity. They usually use explosives or poison, but there is also concern about terrorist attacks using weapons of mass destruction. Terrorist organizations usually methodically plan attacks in advance, and may train participants, plant "undercover" agents, and raise money from supporters or through organized crime. Communication may occur through modern telecommunications, or through old-fashioned methods such as couriers.The context in which terrorist tactics are used is often a large-scale, unresolved political conflict. Publié par Writing à l'adresse 01:56 0 commentaires [pic] Racism Racism or racialism is a form of race , especially the belief that one race is superior to another. Racism may be expressed individually and consciously, through explicit thoughts, feelings, or acts, or socially and unconsciously, through institutions that promote inequality between races. In the 19th century many legitimized racist beliefs and practices through scientific theories about biological differences among races. Today, most

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