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People nowadays more likely to overuse the word “friends”. They use friends to describe everyone that they know; Facebook friends, people you met in last night party, classmates... They do not really understand what friendship means, they almost mistaken friendship with peers. By talking to one of my real friend, read Emerson essay about friendship. I realize what the true friendship is. It was the night before the first draft of my assignment due, I ask Andy, an international student from Vietnam, for his opinion about friendship and what it means to him. He thinks about it and tells me his story about his friends back when he was in high school. He says he thought he has a lot of peers in Vietnam but he was not sure about the actual number of friends he had. Some people hang out with him because they want something from him and very few actually care about him. He had a farewell party the night before he went to the States. He invited everyone he once thought were his friends but only couple of them showed up. He was so disappointed and realized how lonely he was but he was glad that he can find who actually care about him. When the party is over and all of his friend left, 11p.m another friend of his knocked on his door. The friends said the reason why he came despite of being sick is that if he could not see his best friends before he leaves, he would regret it forever. 1a.m an other one knocked on his door and said that she wanted to say goodbye and gook luck to him even though she just came back from a trip. “That’s how friendship is to me” Andy says. “They are not people to hang out with you. They are people that know when you need them and come to you naturally. Friendship is the best thing anyone could ever has.” The story of Andy about his friends make me think about an article a read on The New York Times name “Facebook on the Crowd” by Hal

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