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1. List a friend is… and a friend is not… Friend is someone who walks in the rest of your life. They are always there for you especially when you need them the most. They know you better than you know yourself, and you don’t even have to tell them anything, and they will know exactly what you’re thinking. A friend is someone who you can sit on a porch swing with and neither of you saying a word, can walk away feeling like you had the best conversation of your life. Someone who you can trust with all your deepest secrets and without telling them not to say anything, you know no one else will ever know unless you tell them yourself. Friends believe in you when you’ve ceased to believe in yourself. They encourage you in everything you do and always be your back. A friend is someone who goes out of their way to put you before themselves. Someone who no matter who they meet in their life, what new friends they make, you will always hold a place in their heart, forever, and they will forever be a part of you too. When it hurts to look back, and you’re scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there. Most people walk in and out of your life, but friends leave footprints on your heart. 2. Explain how you find the right kind of friends. Good friends are wonderful. They're there to support you and to help you. They make you laugh and feel good. I'm lucky; I have one very good friends. Sure, I have lots of other friends. But this one, I would take a bullet for. We've known each other most of our school lives, but we never really "hung out" together until the seventh grade, when we all went to Junior High. There, cliques were formed; the popular and the unpopular began to separate. Most kids joined in massive groups to eat lunch. But we found each other and started to know more about each other. We share our opinions and be heard. We have

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