Friendship Essay

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How does friendship have an effect on our life? What does it really mean to us? Have we ever imagined our life without friends? How would that be? How would that feel? Why do people want to make friendships? I know we are be able to live without friends, but would that be fun? Wouldn’t that be lonely? Friendship plays a major and necessary role in human life. Friends are those who have most important impact on each other, affecting each other’s lives in a good or bad way. But I think those people who really know the importance of it could be those who just moved to a foreign country. A lot of people underestimate the importance of friendship. One can only understand its importance when friends are no longer there. For example people like my cousin Kevin, who is untrustworthy and dishonest, used to have lots of friends but probably the most important quality of a potential “friend”. Kevin starts making up stories that weren’t true about his friend Helen. Sharing gossip about your friends without a third person, is one thing that is going to help you lose a friend and not keep one. People like this end up alone feeling lonely and miserable about themselves and having absolutely no one with which to have a conversation. People always had the need to talk to someone about their feelings or their problems that they are facing and that makes them better when they share it with someone. That’s where people start creating small supports groups like in the one like I’m now the International Business Club in Staten Island College. In this group everyone is interesting to major in international business. Those little groups of people grow up bigger like the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotic Anonymous (NA), etc which are drug/alcohol support groups which are formed because these people understand each other like no one else does. Strong bonds form when people can relate to

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