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Meghan Chmielewski Definition Exemplification Essay October 2, 2009 English 1201 Friend or Foe? A bad friend is the one that talks behind your back, spreads rumors, and purposely puts you in a bad mood. The two-faced people that are super nice to your face, but as soon as you’re not looking they are bashing you and talking smack. Somehow every time you tell a friend a secret, it ends up twisted around and all over the school. That would be classified as a bad friend. They make up a story just to make you look bad, and tell the whole school. It’s the kind of people that purposely bring up something embarrassing that you did just make you mad. Like Sun Tzu said, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” An enemy is a person you absolutely despise. As you walk down the hall you can’t help but give this person the stare down. It’s the person that may have once stolen your boyfriend, or best friend. An enemy is not considered a friend at all. The hatred towards them is so deep it deprives you from thinking straight sometimes. Some would say they are top on your ‘hit list’, meaning an enemy is the one you want to fight, or better yet hurt very badly. This way of thinking is a bit extreme. The classmate relationship described in one word is awkward. During the class you talk all hour and seem to have a lot of fun, but when you see them outside the class room you don’t talk at all. After the class is over, it was as if you had never even known each other. Or the friend that you promise to stay in touch with when they change schools, and do for a couple months but then the relationship slowly becomes

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