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Friendship Friendship is a good and strong relation between two people and more. However, there are many types of friendship. For instance, there are acquaintances, best friends, soul mates, cyber friends, and many more. For the sake of this paragraph, we will only be discussing the basic meaning of friends. Additionally, there are many factors in becoming good friends. One of which is trust. A person must be truthful and supportive of his/her friend in order to be trustworthy. First of all trust is the most important factor to have a good friendship. Also, trust is an attitude of exhibiting good behavior from your friend. For example, don’t think your friend will lie to you. Also, don’t think that your friend will steal from you or your friend will put you in trouble. Trust should be one of the basic traits that a person must possess in order to be in a successful and strong friendship. Another reason is to be truthful, because if you become truthful to your friend, you will build trust amongst the both of you. Truthful means you have to disclose something even if it’s a bad thing or a good thing. Moreover, don’t lie to your friend because a friendship will last longer in the event that these basic needs are met. Finally, friendship always asks you to be helpful to your friend. Also, you have to be supportive of your friend. For example if your friends ask you for anything that you can help with always do it because you might need their help later. Good friends always help each other even if it means giving up your wants or/and needs. Furthermore, many friends have stopped their friendship because of a number of misunderstandings and not wanting to hear one another. This is a major factor in maintaining a relationship. Listening is essential to keep a friendship strong and healthy. Another factor that needs to be met is respecting one another. This lies in

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