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Friendship has always been, and will always be, defined differently by different people. What constitutes friendship to one person might be considered inaccurate by another. Despite these varying definitions of friendship, it is argued that a universal definition of friendship involves honesty as its base. This will be proven by analyzing friendship as it exists at both interpersonal and international level. At a very primal level, friendship between people is based on honesty. A good example can be seen by looking at friends who grew up together from childhood to adulthood. In this friendship, one people could tell another the truth of almost everything in his or her life. This kind of friendship is deemed to be the truest quality and is much more valued than just an association between people. Thus, it is clear from here that honesty makes up a basic trait of a healthy friendship. In addition, honesty also proves itself to be a crucial component of friendship between international bodies. For instance, historical inter-nation allies, such as Canada and the United States, strengthen their friendship when they act with honesty towards each other. In the case of the above two countries, sharing information pertaining to landmass security benefits both, and creates healthy inroads between them. It is therefore, even at an international level, honesty acts as the basis of friendship. In conclusion, after analyzing the friendships between people and countries, it is no doubt that honesty plays a critical role. Therefore, friendship will never exist without honesty. It is hoped that this information would help to strengthen friendships between individuals and between

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